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April 3, 2006

Manolo’s Food Blog!

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Manolo says, finally, the Manolo’s much anticipated Food Blog, it is here!

The Manolo trusts that you will find in this place much to entertain and amuse you.

Indeed, the Manolo himself, he has many reasons to be pleased with what is, and will be happening at this blog.

In the first of the places, the Manolo he has managed to secure the blogging and editing services of his good friend, the Mr. Henry, who is, in the grand tradition of the Manolo bloggers, the possessor of the powerful and entertaining writerly voice. Even the better he knows the food and cuisine, and has the discriminating and refined tastes that mark the person of quality.

Although, do not take the Manolo’s word for this. Instead, read the Mr. Henry’s introductory essay, Mr. Henry’s Appetite.

In the second of the places, the Manolo has been lucky in convincing the Jason of the Stormhoek Winery to write about the wine for this blog.

The Jason he is not only supremely knowledgeable about the wine, he is also one of the geniuses behind the amazing success of the Stormhoek Winery, the wines of which will be introduced to America later this year, introduced with the most unusual campaign: 100 Geek Dinners in 100 Days.

In the third of the places–or perhaps this it belongs in the first of the places–the Manolo most pleased because he has finally the place where he can talk about the second great love of his life, after the shoes, and that is the food.

It is not the secret that the Manolo is something of the gourmand, and the food and the drink are often the topics of his undivided attention.

And so what could be better than to have the special place where we may come together to enjoy the fine food and drink and the pleasant and amusing company of our friends.

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  1. Wonderful idea, Manolo. I’m looking forward to reading these entries as I’m a bit of a budding foodie myself.

    Comment by Sarah — April 4, 2006 @ 10:21 am

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