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July 21, 2010


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As a little tease for our upcoming examination of  potato sandwiches, Mattaouille includes of the cacharro hotdog, topped with corn and potato sticks in his review of LA’s new Brazilian lunch truck.

How to find out if you truly are what you eat? Go get an MRI, and then check out this site, that features MRI imgages of your favorite fruits and veg (Serious Eats.)

Food Section reports on a robot that each sewage. Kinda like a garbage disposal?

When panting just isn’t getting the job done, your pooch can hit up the world’s first ice cream truck for pups (Eater.)

July 7, 2010


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It’s like killing your own baby -LA Weekly’s Squid Ink reports on the Baldwin Park (also known as the birthplace of the drive-through) moratorium on drive-throughs

For the East Coasters suffering from a Heat Wave! Serious Eats’ iced coffee round-up

The ever adorable Cakespy offers a primer on Mexican sweets

What would Eloise say? (“Charge it please and thank you very much!”) We may not know what the Plaza’s favorite six year old thinks of the hotel-cum-residence new food hall, but we do know what the Atlantic Food Channel thinks

And for anyone who has ever received a virtual drink over Facebook and thought, “Well geeze thanks, now where’s the actual booze?”, SF Gate reports on a new app called Bartab that allows for the real deal

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