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April 8, 2006

Promiscuity and Wine

Filed under: Japanese Food,Jason of Stormhoek,Wine — Jason @ 12:36 pm

No, I am not talking about what happens after your standard frat boy has a couple of bottles of Boones Farm. I am talking about the basics of enjoying wine.

Most people like to stick with what is comfortable, choosing the same wine over and over again. For as you know, that the prospect of walking Promiscuity and Wineinto a wine shop is for many, off-putting. The choices are overwhelming, and there’s frequently an intimidating ritual involved, one that begins, “What sort of wine are you looking for?”

Although I earn my living talking about Stormhoek, that doesn’t mean that I’m not a bit promiscuous about my wine choices, and not only because Stormhoek isn’t yet widely available in the United States. (Don’t worry, that will change soon.)

So, be promiscuous with wine.

Try, taste, stray, be adventurous: Decide what you like for yourself and ignore the “experts”. (They’re not as objective as they make themselves out to be.) Bordeaux one night, California Cabernet the next… enjoy the decadence of promiscuity. Your ‘significant other’ will love you for it!

As Manolo will tell you, with wine, as with fashion, experimentation is half the fun.

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