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Oh Little Lard of Bethlehem

OH Little Lard of Bethlehem

OH Little Lard of Bethlehem

That’s not kosher!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from Megyn and John

Happy Thanksgiving from Megyn and John

Don’t be left in the past! Recipes are constantly evolving.



Stories about turducken are old hat. This year’s hip new entree is chimpsharktypus.
Fake AP Stylebook


Women laughing "alone" with salad Halloween Costume

Women laughing "alone" with salad Halloween Costume

If you’re at all like me (and who would admit it if they were?) you’ve got a stack of Self magazines head-high taking up the space where your life-size Aragorn used to stand proudly, and what have you got to show for it except an exhaustive knowledge of the phytochemical composition of any grocery item, the ability to perform a flawless  plié squat, and about ten million pictures of Women Laughing Alone With Salad.

Well, now you can put that collection to practical use as the model for a cheap and un-constricting Halloween costume! Bonus cultural literacy points for timely meme reference that only about 25% of your friends will get, even if you’re all on Tumblr.

If putting on and keeping on a happy face is too much for you, then you could always fall back on our suggestion of last year.

Happy Fourth of July from Manolo’s Food Blog!

There’s nothing like a summer picnic, is there?

Here’s wishing you all bright colors and delicious foods in great profusion!

Sunday Food Porn: Mother’s Day Edition

Happy Mother’s Day, y’all! I, alas, am an orphan, so I’m stuck at home ordering marked-down perfume from Sephora and cracking bittersweet Norman Bates jokes; presumably, you’re hanging out with at least one parent. Are you taking Mom out for her special day, or slaving away in the kitchen gaining a new appreciation of how hard she toiled re-heating all those Swanson dinners while you were growing up (Team Salisbury Steak, represent!)?

Now THAT is fancy! A formal dinner for Mother's Day

Now THAT is fancy! A formal dinner for Mother's Day. Collage by Beth Hoeckel

and don’t forget dessert:

It's like a unicorn chaser for your belleh!

It's like a unicorn chaser for your belleh!

Try to find an activity for the whole family for the after-dinner festivities!


How was your Easter?

Bye Bye Bunny

Bye Bye Bunny

I’ll be honest: I’ve had a grudge against Easter ever since I realized that, when I was growing up (before the invention of fire) we got a basket of chocolates with one big bunny, a couple of Easter Creme Eggs, and a lot of jellybeans, and only a few years later my much younger stepbrothers got Rollerblades, BUT I’M SO OVER THAT REALLY.

Ahem. Anyway, I didn’t do anything special on Easter and I didn’t get any chocolate except the Hazelnut truffle my friend Raul bought me from the charming Portuguese fellow at the market and no, I’m not sulking, I’M SO OVER THAT I TELL YOU WHY DO YOU KEEP LOOKING AT ME THAT WAY?

I did have a delightful and delicious Easter tea on Friday with a good friend and the most adorable 14-month-old baby you’ve ever seen, and a post will be forthcoming on that shortly, once I’ve gotten my hands on the pictures. I’d almost have a baby so I’d have an excuse to buy those adorable little baby shoes!

On Easter Sunday I got up late, put the kettle on, made myself a French Press of Kenya (yes, from Starbucks: their Kenya AAA is one of the most perfectly balanced coffees in the world FACT and the VP of coffee there once told me it had the second highest caffeine level of any of their offerings, right behind Columbia) and then had a big mess of vegetarian chili while re-reading Toby Young’s extremely addictive memoir How to Lose Friends and Alienate People (curse you, Toby Young, how many rainy days have you cost me in lost productivity???) and then, as always, I went to the cafe with the dreadful coffee and had the green tea while I went online. Hey, a blogger’s gotta blog, eh?

What did you do? Do people still have Easter traditions? Holding out for Monday? Favorite candy? Gawker has a What Your Favorite Easter Candy Says About You quiz, and I present the following Cadbury Easter Creme Egg result without comment:

You normally have things under control but are subject to wild and uncontrollable cravings. While your life is typically together, you suffer from a serious flaw like constant tardiness, chronic attitude problems, or the lack of discipline to keep yourself in check when around seasonal chocolate treats. When you dedicate yourself to your vice, you go in whole hog. If you don’t have a drinking problem now, you probably will in a year or so. Also, you hate people who like those tiny little eggs they sell in packs of twelve. They’re like people who get wasted on New Years Eve and St. Paddy’s Day.

Happy Easter!

The Last Happy Meal

The Last Happy Meal

I don’t have to tell YOU that the secret name of the Burger King’s king was Pontius Pilate. Very few people know this, actually.

How to squish a Cadbury’s Easter Creme Egg using the absolute maximum amount of technology and amusement.

Happy Easter from Sharon Tate and the Easter Bunny

Happy Easter from Sharon Tate and the Easter Bunny

Awww, I somehow don’t remember Roman Polanski’s softcore version of Alice in Wonderland.

Pokemon Easter Eggs

Pokemon Easter Eggs

How do you get these Easter Eggs on the school bus? You pokemon.

Is this the greatest food ever invented? Deep Fried Cadbury Creme Eggs

Is this the greatest food ever invented? Deep Fried Cadbury Creme Eggs

Possibly the greatest food ever invented: Deep Fried Cadbury Easter Creme Eggs. So worth 350 calories.

Wine Not?

This pose takes years of practice. For your liver.

This pose takes years of practice. For your liver.

Say what you will about the French in wartime, they have the BEST helicopters. In related news, CnH2n+1OH Yoga is how I’m working off all the cheese and alcohol I’ve been consuming since getting my liver refreshed.

In tangentially-related news, The Brooklyn Kitchen and The Meat Hook have the most awesome roundup of cooking workshops on the interwebs. Don’t delay: sign up today!

April Classes!

Midwestern Molded Salads

April 7   $65

Knife 202: Knife Throwing

April 8   $100

Methamphetamines: Home Production

April 11   $250 and 25%

Molotov Cocktails

April 12   $75

Party like it’s 2004: Naked Lady Sushi!

April 12   $80

Pigeon a La Plancha

April 13   $75

DIY MRE’s: Using Modernist Techniques for End of Days

April 14   $75

Glass Blowing: Making your own Canning Jars

April 18   $40

Neanderthal Diet with the Meat Hook: All Raw, Half Rotten

April 19   $75

Brooklyn Business Plan: It’s ALL in the Name

April 20   $150

How to Serve Man

April 21   $40

Home Alloys: from Bronze to Steel

April 21   $50

Manifold: Make the Most of your Commute
April 25   $150

Rat Trapping, Slaughter and Butchering

April 26   $80 (rat included)

Only in New York, kids. Only in New York! (via NegevRockCity)

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