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American cheese


Uplands Pleasant Ridge Reserve from Wisconsin is the finest American cheese Mr. Henry has ever tasted, a gruyere-style cheese that tastes better than Beaufort, the celebrated French Alpine tomme.
Mildly tangy, mildly fruity, and mildly nutty, Pleasant Ridge has firm texture, a slightly grainy mouthfeel, and a creamy finish, the ideal pairing for a fresh summer salad followed by fruit.

Fellow cheese snobs take note. There are other terrific cheeses made here in the States. The peerless cheesemongers at Artisanale recommend twenty-nine on their site.

One Response to “American cheese”

  1. raincoaster September 5, 2009 at 8:01 pm #

    Is the regular American cheese you find in the supermarket REALLY made from Americans? I always wondered.

    PS: there is no decent imported Jack cheese here in Canada. We only get the blubbery, tasteless stuff that might as well be made of tofu.